TWS Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Headset A30

A30 New TWS Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Headset In-ear Digital Display CVC8.0 Noise Reduction HIFI 3-generation Bluetooth Headset



Lightweight electric cabin, HIFI sound quality, one-key control, Bluetooth 5.0, intelligent Al assistant, adaptive noise reduction, binaural talk, patented LED display, 200 mA charging compartment, voice wake-up, memory pairing, reversible charging

CVC8.0 noise reduction, clear binaural call: CVC8.0 intelligent noise reduction call, intelligent filtering noise makes the call clearer

Ignore the device, as long as you can connect with Bluetooth, it is fully compatible with Android, IOS system and Windows system

Super long-lasting battery life

Full-frequency bionic sound cavity, hard core large size unit, high-fidelity professional-grade sound quality, three-band equalization, eight-core sound

IPX7 waterproof: high-quality control to achieve life-grade waterproof, multi-process design head body, effectively prevent sweat from damaging components.

Games, watching dramas, listening to music, enjoying 3D surround sound, smooth and non-stuck, winning tickets in hand, bringing you a brand new experience


Bluetooth version: Bluetooth V5.0


Sensitivity: -42±3dB

Signal distance: 10 meters (ideal environment without any large obstacles)

Battery specifications: headset 5v50mAh; charging box 5v200mAh

Standby time: about 100 hours

Click: Pause/Play

Previous song: Double-click on the right ear (working on the ear)

Next song: Double-click the left ear (working on the ear)

Volume up: three clicks on the left ear (working on the ear), the volume is adjusted to the maximum, voice prompt: maximum volume

Volume down: triple-click on the right ear (working on the ear)

Summon voice assistant: long press for 2 seconds to let go, there is a sound prompt

Charging display: yes

Bluetooth pairing: After the left and right ears are paired, the name of the Bluetooth headset can be found on the Bluetooth interface of the mobile phone: A30L side headset Bluetooth flashes once every 6 seconds, and the R side light is off

Earphone charging: The red light is on, the charging box display has two digits to show the power, and the L and R show jump charging

Answer the call: Click (Incoming call has ringtone plus report number)

Package Included:


1*Charging cable


Post time: Jul-31-2020
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